Here at BPC, we want our corporate worship gatherings to facilitate the greatest amount of glory given to God by the greatest number of people in the congregation. To gather with God’s people on the Lord’s Day to worship at God’s throne under the authority of God’s word is not only our duty, it is our joyful privilege. With that, we aim to exalt Jesus Christ through corporate worship that is biblical, gospel-centered, Spirit-led, and excellent without distraction.

Additionally, we try to teach and shepherd our congregation to understand that corporate worship is not about preference or style — it’s about the posture of our hearts and the content of our music. If we come before the Lord with a genuine heart of adoration, singing songs that are clear & accurate according to the Scriptures, then we are in a secure position to offer God-glorifying praise. 

For a few examples of what you can expect on a Sunday morning in regard to musical style, refer to the videos below!

To listen to the songs we'll be singing this week, click here.
To listen to ALL of the songs currently in our rotation, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Corporate Worship Director, Conor Malis.