Women's Bible Study

Every Tuesday until May 28, 2024

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Boulevard Park Church  View Map

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Ladies! Come join us for our spring Tuesday evening Bible study:

Women's Bible Study - John

Life. It seems to move at a break-neck pace. Days are filled with noise, screens, and appointments. Sometimes worry and fear are constant companions. The chaos can leave you looking for a place to be still, but that resting spot always seems to be an elusive destination. Jesus offers a different kind of life. He offers peace. He is peace.

In this 7-session study on the Gospel of John, Melissa Spoelstra will encourage you to slow down and linger with the living Word. You'll appreciate the pace of the Savior who never hurried but completed all that the Father called Him to accomplish. As you turn the pages of John's Gospel, you'll be challenged to take on the posture of a learner, understanding that the peace Jesus offers is not an ease of circumstances, but a stillness of the soul. As a result, you'll grow in intimacy with Him and learn to live, serve, and rest in His peace.

We'll meet in Room 431. Study guides will be available on the first evening. ($20 suggested donation)

Questions? Contact our Women’s Ministry Director, Lisa Bowen.
Email: lisa.bowen@bpcburien.org
Call or text: (206) 354-0339