Boulevard Park Church has a rich history of significantly supporting missions through sending missionaries out from our church.  That has been one of Boulevard’s top defining characteristics for more than 40 years.


Boulevard Park Church is committed to the following priorities as we focus on Global Missions:

      • Focus on countries that have not yet been reached with the Gospel of Christ.
      • In countries that have been reached with the Gospel, invest in those working directly with indigenous peoples, planting churches, and strengthening church leadership.
      • Invest a percentage of funds in those working with the poor, orphans, widows, but still evangelical
      • Encourage and invest in younger missionaries, in order to provide long-term continuity
      • Work to fully engage our congregation at Boulevard in call we all have to global missions
      • Provide short term missions opportunities to connect our people with our missionaries, their work & providing our people exposure to world missions.


To this end, Boulevard has been providing a short term missions trip opportunity approximately every two years.  Examples include: working in orphanages in Uganda and in Baja, Mexico; working with a small rural church in Lincoln, MT; building houses in Tijuana; and drilling wells in Latin America with Living Water International.


 Karen Doerr

Chad, Africa

 Mark & Joanne Mackey

European Christian Mission

The Martinez Family

Papua New Guinea

Tom & Judy Horton

Seattle, Washington

Tim & Debbie Bryce

Bozeman, Montana

 Jerry & Candis Bingham

Tecate, Mexico

Marlene Etter

Pioneers, Chad

Missionaries to Closed Countries