Security Policies

We love children and want to make sure they are safe while in our care! In order to assure this, we ask that you do the following:
New Parents:
Before you leave your child in our care, we need you to fill out some important information for us. Please arrive a little early to allow time to get registered and be shown to your child’s classroom!
Help us be prepared for any situation by letting us know of your child’s allergies and emergency contact information. If there is anything else we should know, it is always helpful when you share that information. Please make sure that you include your cell phone number on the registration so we can contact you if your child needs you.
Returning Parents:
Once you have been entered into our computer check-in system, just type your cell phone number in and select which of your children will be attending that day. Please also check what service (or services) they will be attending. When you hit “finish” the labels will print! One goes on your child, and the other is yours to present upon pick-up. We can print additional labels for diaper bags also. In order to assure your child’s safety, we ask that only the adults designated on your child’s paperwork drop off and pick up your child. Every adult will have to present his or her pick-up label in order for thechild to be released. (If you lose your pick-up label, please be prepared to show your ID to the Children’s Ministry Director and she will assist you in picking up your child.)
All Parents:
In order to ensure the safety of your child, and to protect our children’s ministry team, parents may not leave the church campus while their children are checked in at BPC, unless otherwise stated. Thank you for your cooperation!